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VRSTY releases their video for 'Hush'

NYC based hard rockers VRSTY have dropped their video for 'Hush'. The track was released earlier this year as part of their debut full length album 'Welcome Home' via Spinefarm Records. The video showcases some of the challenges of being an up-and-coming rock band, including those who would try to control them, and voices their fierce determination on making it to the top.

The video begins with a professionally over-styled crew, Joey Varela (vocals), Paul Gregory (guitar), Javy Dorrejo (bass) and Chris Cody (drums), being positioned by handlers for that "perfect shot". VRSTY wants no part of that, they wear what they want and dodge the ever-annoying photogs while Varela sings, "Nothing comes easy that isn't sleazy. That's just the way this dumb shit goes". Varela goes on to remind the viewer, not to second guess, this is a band that going to make it, "You spent all your time here chasing doubt. Now I'm gonna show you what it's all about". No doubt in my mind at all, they are on a trajectory straight into the stratosphere with a rock/pop style that is all their own.

VRSTY has been touring all year thus far, packing both performances on Shiprocked in January, a February gig with Drop Out Kings and Guerilla Warfare and are currently supporting 10 Years and Black Map through the end of April.

Lisa Wills

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