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Iravera New Single “Feathers & Bones” Showcases A Heavier Style For Ohio Metalcore Band

Metalcore band Iravera recently dropped a heavy new single, “Feathers & Bones”, and a video to accompany it. Not only does the song carry a relatable message, but it also features a progression in the band’s sound from previous releases.

Iravera is from Salem, Ohio. The band members include: Nick Figley (clean vocals); Mikey Wrightson (extreme vocals); Shane Grim (guitar); and Alex Finch (bass). The four band members knew each other from the local music scene before teaming up to form Iravera.

“Feathers & Bones” was mixed and mastered by Kai Bass. He is new to the Iravera team. When the band heard his ability to make great mixes, they knew he was the guy for the job. The videographer was Zach Wallace. He has been a friend of the band for years and has shot other music videos for them in the past, as well as great videos for other bands. The band also wants to give credit to Andrew Laird. He has been a big help to Iravera since the band began, and is a brilliant editor and, as Nick Figley calls him, a "good soul". He has a channel called “Disco Face Studio” that puts out some hilarious content.

Like most Iravera songs, Shane Grim wrote “Feathers & Bones”. He tracks all of the band’s songs in-house. He and Kai Bass worked well together, which was important for a do-it-yourself band like Iravera. In addition to being an audio engineer, Kai Bass is the bassist in a melodic-hardcore/metalcore band from Grand Rapids