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Love The Hate Drops Hard-Rocking New Single “Throw Away”

Love The Hate, a hard rock band from Mobile, Alabama, released a new single, “Throw Away”, December 2nd, as well as an official music video in advance of the track. This heavy tune tells a story that many people can relate to. It is the second release from the band’s upcoming album that will be coming out in 2023. The first was the acoustic version of “If I Would Go” that was released April 2nd.

Members of Love The Hate include: JRod Mclain (lead vocals); Frank Killian (guitar/backing vocals); Marshall Mears (guitar/backing vocals); John Gavin (drums); and Jacob Arata (bass). The band has played numerous shows lately in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, and Texas and is one of the hottest bands on the Gulf Coast.

The World Premiere of the official music video for “Throw Away” was on The Sound 228 live show November 16th and the radio station has been playing the song exclusively since then leading up to the official release date. “Throw Away” debuted on The Sound Dirty Thirty countdown at #20 November 29th.

The lyrics for “Throw Away” were written by Mclain and Killian, and Killian and Mears wrote the musical elements. Mears, who is also the sound engineer for the band, handled recording, mastering and mixing.

“Throw Away” starts out with a complex, catchy guitar riff that continues throughout the track. Mclain’s vocals are deep and soulful. The bridge features a stellar guitar solo by Killian. This song is high energy and keeps the listener’s head bobbing.

The theme of the song centers around a relationship that is no good and you know you should get out, but you are afraid of starting over. This doesn’t have to just be about a romantic relationship – it could be a friendship, a job – anything that is toxic. Sometimes it’s easier to stay in that bad situation than move on and take a chance on something better. This can also be from the viewpoint of a man or a woman.

The video was directed by Chaz Singleton of Astro Clown Productions. The main couple in the video was portrayed by Mary Beth Burns and Billy Culbertson, and extras in the video were Love The Hate fans, family, and friends, including several members of other local bands. In an interesting twist, the sections of the video are reversed from the two sets of verses in the song. At the beginning of the video, the couple is at a party (with Love The Hate playing, naturally), and even though at first it looks like they are having fun (“Smoke and mirrors when our friends come around/Won’t ever let them see what’s really going down"), it then becomes clear this couple has issues. In the second part of the video, the man comes home and they start fighting, and he packs his bag and leaves (“When I get home you’re always screaming at me/It makes me want to pack my bags and just leave”). The video tells a story but also showcases the Love The Hate performing vibe that fans who attend their live shows have come to know and love

Love The Hate is already busy booking shows for 2023 and working on the album. Recently, the band joined forces with MASSIVE MEDIA MS, an artist management group that will be booking shows for the band. Love The Hate can be found on Facebook and YouTube.

PHOTO CREDIT: Todd Arrington

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