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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The album is #Coma by THECITYISOURS

This album has been 18 months in the making for the guys and I knew it was going to be something special after hearing them release banger after banger prior to the album dropping.

This album is all about “It’s ok not to be ok” and I know each and every single one of you can relate to this because we all have our moments when things don’t go right and feel stressed or overthink things.

The opening track is #Doesitkeepyouup which completely sums up where the album is going and what the meaning behind it is.

This album is an incredible mixture of hard and soft vocals alongside some heavy and bouncy riffs you get a little bit of everything from this album.

I think the track list is set perfectly for this mixture some tracks open with Mikey Page angelic vocals and nicely toned guitar such as #Regretaboutme and #SoSad then there’s other tracks that Oli Duncanson just slaps you in the face with straight from the go such as #Coma and #Violent then you have the tracks that just make you want to bounce such as #Deathofme and #Dangerous.

I think this is a perfect mix and knowing where the boys were going with the album it reflects not only in the lyrics and music but the way they positioned the tracks on the album.

The way I see this album is you may look ok on the outside but we all have those inner demons inside of us and we all battle with various things such as depression , anxiety, and our general mental health wellbeing.

MIkey’s amazing soft vocals is like you on the outside and when you are doing good.

Oli’s vocals are those inner demons you are fighting on those days you are not so good this with a mixture of bouncy riffs makes this album an amazing piece of work that people can relate to and use to make themselves feel good.

Absolutely love this album and i can’t wait to hear it in full live 🔥

<Matt James>

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Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris
08 mar 2022

Great write up

Me gusta
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