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Nouve//es - Stand With Me

By definition Nouvelles is "A narrative story with a meaning and purpose"Nouve//es (Nu-Vells) is also a brand-new metalcore band from Dallas, Texas, and will be releasing their debut EP, 'The Rise And Fall' this spring. We at TheSound228 managed to get our hands on the first single from that EP, titled 'Stand With Me' which drops on all digital platforms March 31st.

On first listening to the single I was instantly a fan hearing the intro and getting hit with a heavy riff and "BLEGH" from the get go. The clean vocals lead with, "Sewing stitches every day", and that is when I knew this was going to be lyrics that are easily relatable.

The track continues with a great mix of hard and clean vocals accompanied with some nicely toned guitar riffs that get a little bit filthier as the song progresses. Mixing all of this with some great bass drum kicks makes for a great banger

After repeat listens through getting to know the lyrics, this song is doing the band name justice. I am excited to listen to the full release to see what other stories they have to offer.

<Matt James>

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