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Iravera -- Retribution EP

Ohio metalcore band Iravera released its second EP, Retribution, February 25th, 2022, and it showcases a variety of musical and vocal elements as well as themes that made me want to listen to it over and over again. The band, formed in 2019, includes Nick Figley (clean vocals), Mikey Wrightson (extreme vocals), Shane Grim (guitar), Tyler Bailey (guitar), and Alex Finch (bass). They are currently looking for a drummer. One of my best friends who happens to be from Ohio told me about Iravera last year, and the first time I heard them I was hooked. There will be more music coming from Iravera, too. According to Figley, “We have an album’s worth of music we are going to release this summer, but this was sitting around, so we pieced it out and released it.” The EP consists of five tracks, all previously release except for one, “My Curse”. That is the current single the band is pushing, with a music video and airplay on radio stations such at The Sound 228.

Musically, I really enjoyed the variety in the songs. They feature various tempos ranging from fast-paced to a slower, more methodical style, plus heavy breakdowns. Figley has a wonderful singing voice with tremendous range, and the extreme vocals of Wrightson deliver a powerful punch. The music itself is written by Grim, and the lyrics are written by Figley and Wrightson. It’s truly a team effort, and it works. The inspiration behind the songs includes relationship problems, anxiety, and emotional issues, among other things. “My Curse” actually has an interesting twist, as, according to Figley, it’s about the music industry – the expectations of people, wanting to please people while also doing things your own way, dealing with the “fakers and haters”. One of my favorite songs on the EP is “Insomnia”. It’s like an anthem dedicated to people who struggle with not being able to sleep, for whatever reason – anxiety, emotional issues, medical reasons. It’s very relatable because so many people deal with this in their lives. “Under Your Spell” is a song about a relationship that has gone bad, and wanting to get out, but having trouble pulling yourself away. Iravera teamed up with Hollow Front vocalist Tyler Tate on “2Faced”. It’s a powerful song about seeing through fake friends who want to weigh you down. The band is hoping to start playing live shows soon. Things were on hold due to the pandemic, but they are ready to start getting out there. They’re also looking forward to releasing their album this summer. I know I can’t wait to hear new music from this up-and-coming band. <Annie Schlottman>

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