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New Jersey Rock Band Incognito Theory Drops High-Energy Album The Brotherhood

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

New Jersey hard rock band Incognito Theory dropped an 11-song, full-lKKength album, The Brotherhood, September 2nd, 2022. It's a perfect reflection of the band's self-described musical style of "top shelf whiskey-grooving rock and roll".

Incognito Theory signed with Rage Breed Records Global International UK almost two years ago. The band includes David Incognito (frontman/lyricist/founder); Steve Bloodgood (lead guitar/backing vocals); Jay Brachman (bass/backing vocals); and John Mosco (drums/backing vocals). If you had to fit Incognito Theory into a genre, it would be Southern hard rock with hints of classic rock mixed with groove metal.

Special guests on The Brotherhood were guitarist Dave Crum of Big Bang Baby and bassist Mike LePond of Symphony X and Mike LePond's Silent Assassins. The executive producer of the album was Danzig bassist and Samhain drummer Steve Zing Grecco, and John Mosco was producer and engineer. Musical and vocal elements on The Brotherhood are being compared to the likes of Pantera, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Van Halen.

David Incognito wrote all lyrics for The Brotherhood. John Mosco and Steve Bloodgood were the main music writers. Musically, this album is high-energy, with catchy guitar riffs and some amazing guitar solos that leave the listener wanting more. David Incognito's singing is deep and passionate and mix well with the backing vocals of John Mosco.

The overall feeling of The Brotherhood reflects the band's image. It brings to mind a "New Jersey strong" mentality with a "Devil-may-care attitude" -- living life with your brothers (friends) the way you want and having fun without caring what other people think.

The song "Set It Off" can be interpreted in multiple ways, including a theme of living life freely and not worrying about rules. It includes the lines "Let your light shine/Sparks to a flame". This song is a perfect representation of the band’s motto, “We break all the rules and have no regrets in the end. You all can bury us in smoke.”

"Draw The Line" is a song that inspires listeners to take advantage of opportunities when they come because it might be your last chance. This song is interesting musically with its varying tempo changes and intricate guitar work.

One of the best songs on the album, in this writer's opinion, is "Blow It Up". It's a high-energy tune with a theme of following your dreams.

"Sunset Moonshine" is a fun, party song about having a good time, centered around the concept of cruising down the interstate with your favorite lady riding shotgun. It's definitely a feel-good tune.

Speaking of parties, Friday, September 16th, 2022, will be the album release party for The Brotherhood at QXTs in Newark, New Jersey. Special guests will be Rock Kandy The 80's Experience. It's David Incognito's birthday weekend, so there is additional reason to celebrate. The cover charge for the 21-and-over event is $10.00, and there is a two-drink minimum. The director of the band's videos, Marc Petrick, will be shooting footage at the party, and the band will be shooting a live album in DVD that night. It's sure to be a great time!

Incognito Theory can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, and the band's website.

The Brotherhood Track Listing

Set It Off

Hell Bent

Smokin' Gun

Fired Up

Whiskey Fueled

Draw The Line

Blow It Up

Sunset Moonshine


Band Of Brothers

The Cleansing

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