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SIMULANT Debut EP Dark Orbit Combines Heavy and Melodic Elements That Keep The Listener Intrigued

UK heavy metal band SIMULANT dropped a debut EP, Dark Orbit, August 12th, 2022, and it definitely seems like this band is off to a solid start with this set of five tracks. Not only does the EP incorporate themes that are easily relatable, but the songs feature various musical elements that will keep the listener interested throughout.

SIMULANT is a band based in the South Coast of the United Kingdom, and consists of members from previous local bands Drifted and Reign Eternal. The lineup includes: Ell Jones (vocals), Johnny French (guitar), Jobe Whiteman (drums), and Ollie Tapp (guitar).

SIMULANT guitarist Johnny French is the man behind the recording, mixing, and mastering of Dark Orbit. He arranged full songs with guitar, bass and drums, as well as sound design, and frontman Ell Jones wrote most of the lyrics. Jones comments, "Johnny has put countless hours into making this EP the best it can be, and we take our hats off to his craft." Drummer Jobe Whiteman wrote all of the drum parts on the EP, and Jones says, “he absolutely smashed it.”

The Dark Orbit EP was over a year in the making, and Jones says “everyone involved in the process made us feel so at home and made it absolutely plain sailing”. The band wants to credit Charlie Smith of Mind Art Visual (music video whiz); April Bishop of A.M Photography; Daniel Holub of Make North (EP and logo designs); Spaceuntravel (YouTube channel); and the crew that joined the band to help out with the first music video, “DARK ORBIT”, Ella, Matt, Jess, and Sam.

The message behind Dark Orbit is how we as human beings are destroying this planet. This overall meaning is combined with themes of life struggles that not only the band, but no doubt many listeners, deal withm -- as Jones puts it, "things we are passionate about and really grind out gears." These themes include love, loss, heartbreak, or being controlled by someone.

What's impressive about this EP is the variety. No two songs are the same. The hard vocals, intricate guitar riffs and thunderous drums combined with interesting melodical elements keep the listener engaged because you never quite know what's coming next. There are changes in tempo in each song, and the breakdowns in the title track “Dark Orbit” and “Perish” are especially resounding. Two of the songs, “Control” and “Bloodshot”, give off a haunting vibe in the intros, as if they could be a part of horror movie soundtracks.

SIMULANT has plenty of music and plans in the pipeline, including songs for either a second EP or possibly an album. Fans can look forward to a more experimental and “different” style of music to come from the band in the future. The band has toured the local circuit many times, and currently is looking to jump on as support for shows and tours and also play local shows. In October SIMULANT will be performing at one of the band’s favorite venues, The Cavern in Exeter. Follow SIMULANT on Facebook and Instagram.

TRACK LISTING Control Demise Bloodshot Dark Orbit Perish

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