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Egypt Central hit home with "No Place Like Home"

First I am going to start this off by saying that it has been a long time since a song has put me on an emotional roller coaster like the latest single from Egypt Central. Everyone in life has at some point felt like there was no way they were getting out of whatever situation they were in whether it be financial, addiction, relationship, or some other place in life that made you doubt you would see another day or positive moment. This is the ride "No Place Like Home" took me. It took me to remember the darkest time in my life, and then it reminded me that if you keep pushing, if you keep moving in a positive direction, if you have a support system hence the word "We" in the lyrics. There is always a way to find your way back home.

You may be familiar with songs from Egypt Central like, "You Make Me Sick", "White Rabbit", "Kick Ass", or one of my personal favorites "Citizen Radio". The band has been on hiatus with the thought of maybe never working together again. Joey Walser, and Blake Allison went on to start Devour The Day. John Falls went on to working with labels, bands, and starting his own business. In 2019 we saw some songs being released which grabbed attention from the loyal fans of the boys. "Raise The Gates", and "Dead Machine" were released in 2019. Followed by "Over Soon", and "Hunted" in 2020. In 2021 you saw "Let Me Out", "Burn With You", and "Beautiful Misery" hit the streaming platforms. Then in 2022 you get "No Place Like Home". Within everyone's busy time they found time to get in the studio with Justin Rimer (Breaking Point, 12 Stones) to work on new material. The new single is what all Egypt Central fans hope is a new beginning for the band. Recently on Instagram live Walser, and Allison teased re-records of some of EC's bigger songs including "White Rabbit". There is talk of a virtual concert which would see these three take the stage publicly for the first time in many years. One can only hope to see this!

"No Place Like Home" hits hard with Falls very distinct vocals reminding you that there is always a road back home regardless of the situation. Walser of course has that driving low end that he is known for. Allison back banging on the drums with Egypt Central, making the song complete with the driving snare combos. This band will always amaze me on how they can write to make you feel things very deep. They have recently been added to The Sound 228 radio station, and have been added to Sirius Octane's test drive. I am currently writing this with the song on repeat on Spotify so I make sure I hear everything Egypt Central is trying to tell me. Whichever platform you use, make sure to check this song out. I promise you that you will not be disappointed.