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Take The Name Makes A Statement With Heavy New Single “fools gold”

Take The Name, a hard rock band based out of Bethlehem, PA, dropped a new single, “fools gold”, Friday, October 14th, 2022. This banger is sure to turn heads due to its heaviness and the relatable message it sends to listeners.

The current lineup of Take The Name is frontman Tyler Kern, drummer Keith Gensure, bassist Nick Metz, and guitarist Josh Mercado. The band seems to have great chemistry, as witnessed in their dynamic live performances.

The writing of “fools gold” was a team effort by the whole band. Kern states, “Josh brought the entire song to the table. Keith and I collaborated on lyrics and Nick wrote all of his bass parts.” As with previous Take The Name music, this track was mixed and mastered at Justin Mitchell’s King Studios in Allentown, PA. “fools gold” is arguably the heaviest Take The Name song since 2021’s “Succubus”. It is fast-paced and high energy, and begins with a catchy guitar riff that’s incorporated in the chorus. The drums and bass blend together in a perfect rhythmic combination. The bridge of the song starts slowly with an intriguing guitar melody before transitioning into a somewhat surprising heavy breakdown

Kern’s emotions show in “fools gold” with his powerful clean and hard vocals. There is no doubt that this is an angry song, but also an anthem of strength. It is a statement about rising above and overcoming people who lie, cheat, and want to control you. This can be about romantic relationships, friendships, jobs – really anything that is keeping you from being your true self. The lyrics in the chorus tell the story: "I found a brand new version of my old self I don't need nobody, I don't need help You thought that you fooled me, you'll never control me I never should've fell for your fools gold" The video for “fools gold” was shot by Eric DiCarlo of SquareUp Studios at the Harrisburg Mall in the capital city of Pennsylvania. The band came up with the concept for the video. The arcade represents the concept of someone playing games with another person, and the coins are symbolic for the “fools gold”. Kern says with amusement, “We thought the arcade was a good fit because everything there was cheesy and fake, and at the end I cash in my coins for a cheap ring.” Along with the “cheesiness” of the video, there is an interesting twist during the breakdown with the red flashes of light as the band rocks out.

There will be new Take The Name music coming down the road, but currently the band is looking forward to playing live shows as much as they can. A big one coming up is Thursday, October 20th, at Lovedrafts Brewing in Mechanicsburg, PA, with headliner Kingdom Collapse as well as The Funeral Portrait, Versus Me, and Lives Lost. Thursday, November 3rd Take The Name will be playing at The American Legion in Catasauqua, PA with Fathom Farewell and SLEEPSPIRIT. The latest show announced is an acoustic performance with Jonny Craig and KEEPMYSECRETS at The Maingate Nightclub in Allentown, PA Sunday, December 4th.

Take The Name can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

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