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Split Persona bringing you more with 'I Need More'

After just a few listens, Indie hard rockers Split Persona have me aching for crazy night out on the town with their hella catchy new single 'I Need More'. Featuring 3 Doors Down members Greg Upchurch on drums and Chet Roberts on production, this Reno, NV four piece will have you hooked straight from the rhythmic opening guitar riff. Taking the listener through a cycle of hard partying ways the relatable lyrics capture all the fun feels with a bit of hindsight reflection.

"Even if I wanted to change, we'll do this all again anyway" (Kelley, Hoschak)

Formed in 2019, Split Persona is Zander Hoschak (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Borgan Kelley (lead guitar), Jacob Rubin (bass) and Mike Patterson (drums). Although relatively new to the music scene, Split Persona has had some sweet success. As winners of the 2019 High School Battle of the Bands and 2020 Reno Battle of the Bands they went on to record and release their self-titled EP that same year. Early tracks like 'Strawberries' highlight a slower melodic composition with 90's grunge influences while the 2021 'No You Won't' showcases their developing rock sound including successful experimentation with hard vocals. This new song offering is a move that is certain to gain mainstream airplay not just on The Sound 228 but other satellite and terrestrial rock stations.

"I guess it wasn't enough for us, I need more" (Kelley, Hoschak)

'I Need More' is s rocking, good times tune sure to get your blood pumping! The chorus and hard-hitting breakdown will have you throwing open your closet, calling your friends and throwing caution to the wind even if just for a few hours. I can only imagine the insanity of witnessing this track played live, hopefully additional touring opportunities for Split Persona will come soon, I'm keeping an eye out. There are two upcoming dates out west, including a hometown show at Alturas Bar on March 16th and the Boreal Music Festival on April 16th. While we wait for more announcements check out their lyric video below and have a listen to their entire music catalog here.

Lisa Wills

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