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She Said Fest comes to b'Lux

Nvision presents, She Said Fest! Featuring Nvision, Anything But Human, Days to Come Northern Lights Suplex, and Variables. Come to a great show to support a great cause! See these amazing bands as they raise funds and awareness to help support victims of sexual assault and domestic violence by donating all proceeds to National Women’s Resource Centers and local shelters along the coast.

I had the chance to sit down with the talented front man of Nvision, Alexx Carr, who discuses the raw emotion behind the song, She Said. “This song is centered around the emotional trauma victims of sexual assault experience.” Carr explains.

Taking place at B’Lux, Saturday May 15, doors at There will be good food, items and baskets for raffles, and silent auction-including gorgeous art by Scattered Roots Art! Come out, show your support, and have a great time!

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Love all your write ups Harmony, great coverage on a great band and the excellent work they are doing to help raise funds to help the less fortunate and for the victims of sexual and domestic violence.


Matt James
Matt James
May 15, 2021

Great piece Harmony on such a great band and amazing cause, the guys are doing great work and hopefully they raise some good funds.

Lovely write up encapsulates how awesome these guys are on what they are trying to do for others 😁

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