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Reid Henry takes a solo ride!

Since the release of his debut solo single, Monster, in July 2020, singer/songwriter, Reid Henry of platinum band, My Darkest Days and Deadset Society has been taking the rock world by storm! Bringing sounds of distorted guitars, keyboards, and slammin’ bass-his hard and heavy industrial like sound definitely makes you want to turn your radio up! His second single, The Blind, recently released on 12/11/2020. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, it’s a must listen! Very catchy tune, slightly slower paced than his first single, but it’s nice and hard!

It’s definitely the kind of song you want to play over and over! Being a fan of My Darkest Days and Deadset Society, I was super excited to hear Reid let his talents shine while remaining true to himself. His killer lyrics, amazing vocals, and skills with effects never disappoint! I’m looking forward to hearing more from this all-around talented musician!

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