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NVision hits home hard with powerful video for new banger 'Distress'!

NVision is a four-piece band based out of Biloxi, Mississippi rooted in hard rock and a casual romance with hip-hop, bringing both worlds together with powerful lyrics and catchy hooks. Consisting of Alex Carr (vocals), Chase Wilson (guitar, vocals), Nathaniel Churchwell (drums) and Phil Collins (bass), they take a journey in music through the feelings of loneliness, despair and depression while maintaining the positive hope of a brighter tomorrow.

After recent success with current singles 'The End' and 'Fake Friends' this very talented group of young men managed to bag themselves a spot on the CPR fest XX roster playing the Homegrown Stage along with several other Gulf Coast up-and-coming rockers.

The boys have been hard at work behind the scenes getting ready for the upcoming self-titled EP and have released the first single 'Distress' which we at TheSound228 had the opportunity to premiere live on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch this evening on our podcast.

'Distress' paves the way of a new era of NVision edging closer to the metalcore genre and shows the fans the diversity they have in their writing. The video will hit home hard for a lot of people as the track is all about suffering with your mental health and battling those demons inside your head. This is all depicted in the video with Carr being locked behind bars and shows him in the bathroom with a knife ready to self-harm.



The narrative of the video shows the progression of how quickly things can progress with people mentally, finally getting to the point where it was too late for anyone to stop the suffering and Carr taking his own life. It further illustrates the effect this has on his friend who just couldn't make it in time to save him, mixed with scenes of the band playing makes for a very powerful, intense and emotional music video that accompanies the track and the meaning behind the lyrics perfectly.

Even though this is a fictional story I know these lyrics came from some personal experiences as Carr and the boys are mental health advocates and all talk openly about their struggles, it states at the end of the video that, "Many times in my life the thought of living has been completely overwhelming. This fictional story was almost my truth"(Alex Carr).

The message behind this song and video is that those who are struggling with any kind of mentally challenging thoughts, no matter how miniscule it may seem to that person, is to encourage them to reach out and talk to others about the problems they are having before it escalates to a place where it is too late for anyone to help them.

Overall, it is in my opinion this the best track to date that they have released, it is extremely well written and produced as well as sending out an important statement that it is ok not to be ok and to please seek help from others around you. So, to those of you who do struggle to reach out to friends and family please know you can call or text The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255. It is available 24 hours a day and completely confidential.

Matt James

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