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Love The Hate Pays Tribute to Butch Howell with Beautiful Acoustic Version of "If I Would Go"

Love The Hate, a hard rock band based in Mobile, Alabama, recently released a moving tribute to one of the band's founding members and former lead singer, Butch Howell, with a lovely acoustic version of "If I Would Go". Current band members JRod Mclain (vocals), Frank Killian (guitar), Marshall Mears (guitar), Leon Craft (bass), and John Gavin (drums) have every reason to be proud of this project, as it definitely does justice to this great song originally written by Howell and Killian and released on the 2019 album Burn.

Ryan Keith Howell, a.k.a. "Butch", passed away at the age of 44 April 1st, 2019, but not before leaving a lasting imprint on the Mobile rock scene. Because of Howell's hard work, dedication, and desire to make great music, other singers, musicians, and bands are determined to keep going so his legacy will continue to live on.