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F41 Winter RockFest with VRSTY & Silent Trust

Day trip to Jonesboro, GA with Harmony Mitchell to attend F41 Winter RockFest headlined by the guys in VRSTY & Silent Trust. I was incredibly impressed by the venue at Furnace 41. An intimate and nicely appointed space with a gorgeous bar, pool table and two stages with onsite parking. Bo slings tasty drinks with a fantastic staff, reasonably priced food AND they have a sign in the ladies room that is proactive in keeping their female clientele safe.

We heard several other bands before the headliners mentioned above. The two-piece in All There Is were a favorite. They gave me a 60’s vibe that I can’t quite put my finger on and I loved their energy. Also walked away a fan of Violent Rays, a bluesy sounding rock band from Augusta, GA check them out.

The headliner for The Pit room was Silent Trust. My second time seeing them and again I was blown away by Andrew Cospelich and his vocals. What a beautiful voice, I especially enjoyed the hard vocals. The guys put on a great performance including 'Broken', 'Caged' and 'Into The Storm', I’m hoping to hear something a bit (a lot, lol) heavier from them in the future to highlight Andy’s range. Check out their fan page at Silent Trust Fan Group and give them a follow on the socials to see when they’re playing near you.

The headliner for The Boiler Room was VRSTY. I’ve seen them four times thus far this year and they always put on an energetic show. Joey Tyler Varela was on point with vocals as usual, he could sing nursery rhymes and I'd play it on repeat. The guys played singles from their upcoming album including 'Sick', 'Finesse' and unreleased 'Soul' as well as hits 'Massive' and 'Shameless'. At the end of their set the crowd chanted for, “ONE MORE SONG”and they delivered with their cover of ‘Montero’. Join their fan page at VRSTY Cult, give a follow on the socials and if you’re in the MD/VA catch them in Baltimore on 12/4 and Richmond, VA on 12/18. Look out on January 21st for the release of their album 'Welcome Home' via Spinefarm Records.


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