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Band of the Week (Tetrarch) 9.14.21

If there is one thing TETRARCH can unequivocally claim, it’s that they are quite possibly the most tenacious heavy band on the planet. Over the course of several harrowing months in which many bands were forced to hang up their hats or slam to a screeching halt, TETRARCH accepted the challenge and manifested their most successful year to date. Now, with the impending release of their sophomore album Unstable looming, the Los Angeles four piece has the world standing at attention.

Fierce individuality and an outsider’s mentality aren’t just at the heart of TETRARCH – they form the band’s sonic mission statement. Formed in Atlanta, Georgia in just their middle school years by vocalist and guitarist Josh Fore, lead guitarist Diamond Rowe, bassist Ryan Lerner and drummer Ruben Limas, the band has proven themselves to be a powerhouse inspired by their outcast roots – equally defined by not only their metallic power and melodic hooks, but their outspoken embracing of all those who deem themselves oddities, misfits or even simply misunderstood. Their unfiltered, inclusive image, consistently unabashed and angst-ridden sermon to the misjudged masses, and anthems of acceptance in a time of palpable division are what sets them apart as one of the brightest stars of hard rock’s future

Sonically, TETRARCH seamlessly blend technical chops and aggressive ferocity with menacing groove and massive choruses while respectfully nodding to the heavy rock genre’s powerful past – and this is what makes them downright addictive. As evident on bangers like “I’m Not Right,” “Pull the Trigger,” “Oddity,” and “Freak”, TETRARCH emphasize breathtaking prowess and skill with Fore’s ambitious and diverse vocals, Rowe’s much celebrated soloing and songwriting chops, and the persistent pulse of Lerner and Limas’ pummeling rhythm section.

TETRARCH made their mainline metal debut in 2017 with their debut album Freak, blasting onto the scene with unapologetic intensity. Produced by the renowned Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Allegeon, Khemmis) – dubbed by Kerrang! as “underground metal’s premiere producer” – and the members of TETRARCH themselves, Freak was built on a foundation of punishing heaviness while still maintaining the wide-reaching accessibility of hard rock’s most commercially successful acts. Freak produced an Active Rock Top 50 hit via its uplifting and empowering title track while garnering huge support from major Sirius XM stations Octane and Liquid Metal.

During the Freak promotional cycle, TETRARCH more than made their mark – receiving passionate accolades from major press outlets such as Alternative Press,, Loudwire, Modern Drummer, Revolver, and She Shreds (and have since garnered att