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Band of the Week (NVision) 8.17.21

Rooted in hard rock with a casual romance with hip-hop, NVision brings both worlds together with powerful lyrics and catchy hooks. The journey through their music evokes all the feelings of loneliness, despair and depression while maintaining the positive hope of a brighter tomorrow. As a band that is not satisfied with the status quo, NVision is the right band at the right time. Armed with hooks, heavy guitars, pounding and pulsating rhythms and soaring vocals, 2021 seeks to bring a heavier sound and a positive outlook to the world of rock music.

Since their inception, NVision has been taking their dynamic lyrics and powerful sound to the max. Their first couple singles "She Said" and "The End" have dominated the airwaves in their region and left quite an impact amongst their fans. Their new single "Fake Friends", is about to explode. NVision consists of Alex on vocals, Nate on drums, Kevin on guitar, Chase on guitar and vocals and Phil on bass. The powerful, lively 5-piece is turning heads as they embark on taking the world by storm in this new reality. Currently based out of Biloxi, MS, NVision has performed at venues all over the South including Republic and House of Blues in New Orleans as well as the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

The future is extremely bright for NVision as they continue to rock stages and win audiences over. 2022 will see the band release their debut album and continue their sonic assault on everyone in attendance and then some

You can hear NVision on The Sound 228 Radio App. Visit your platform to download the app, and request NVision. Apple or Android

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