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Any Given Sin hits 500K spins with Insidious on Spotify!

Facing the challenges of releasing new music during the Covid-19

pandemic, Any Given Sin has prevailed! Reaching 500k streams on Spotify

yesterday, their 2020 single, Insidious has quickly become a fan favorite! Spending

16 weeks on the infamous Sirius XM Octane’s BigUns countdown, also reaching #1

on The Sound228’s Dirty 30! This Maryland based rock band is blasting from

stereos world-wide!

With killer vocals, amazing guitar riffs, precision on the bass, and drums

that penetrate your veins, you can’t resist turning up the volume! I’ve had the

pleasure of seeing them live twice before concerts were cancelled. They are a

must see! They have phenomenal stage presence and play with such passion and


Any Given Sin first gained traction with their 2019 releases of Dynamite and

Another Life, also reaching #1 on the charts. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for

these guys in 2021! Don’t forget to follow them on all social media for their latest

updates! It’s obvious, these guys are “blowin’ up like dynamite!”

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