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Acala's debut EP Hollow Throne Drops May 13th!

Acala is a five-piece metalcore band from Covington, Louisiana. Formed in 2017 in a Buffalo Wild Wings booth, the band consists of brothers Jesse Clarke (guitars & vocals) and Caleb Clarke (Drums), both former members of Forever Forever, plus three former members of Ickus: Michael Labruzza (guitar & producer), Dennis Breland (vocals) and David Finn (bass). It all came about from Forever Forever and Ickus playing a show together and eventually decided to join forces dragging Jesse out of retirement which didn't take much convincing. The guys have been friends for many years prior to creating Acala, so they all know each other well and gel together as one unit to make music they all love.

After putting out two singles, Insomnia in July 2018 and Battle Within in March 2021, they have been hard at work putting together the Hollow Throne EP ready to be released on May 13th comprising of seven tracks which include the two mentioned.

We at TheSound228 had the opportunity to listen to the EP in full prior to release, Opening up with Oath sets the tone for the whole record. I feel that the way it has been structured with the song listing is great and can tell that the fellas put a lot of thought and effort into how they wanted it to play out.