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Wild Fire Releases High-Energy Track "Big Trouble"

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Wild Fire, a hard rock band based out of Biloxi, Mississippi, recently released a new single called "Big Trouble". It's an upbeat, high-energy rocker that encourages listeners to just be themselves no matter how off the wall and "crazy" they are.

The band includes Zack Sawyer (vocals); Kevin Bronner (guitar); Garrett Warman (guitar); Landon Alexander (bass); and Cameron Alidor (drums). This lineup is relatively new, because all of the previous band members other than Sawyer quit during the pandemic. The description on Wild Fire's Instagram page, "Rock band of misfits. Mischief ensues.", definitely makes you want to check out the band and their music.

Due to the lineup changes, Sawyer wrote all lyrics and music for "Big Trouble". It's a fast-paced tune with catchy guitar riffs combined with hard-pounding drums. Sawyer has a great vocal range that stands up to the energetic musical elements.

Sawyer says "Big Trouble" is a song about people he has known throughout his life journey. The overall theme of the song is that "we all have issues. 'Big Trouble' is a feel-good song about being who you are." There is solidarity in this reality of being yourself even if you're a little crazy, as reflected in the chorus:

"Don't know if I'm insane

But, there might be a screw loose in my brain

Hey, shout it out if you feel the same way"

The band created the official music video for "Big Trouble", and like the song, it's a lot of fun, featuring the band playing in a predominantly-white room with different-colored lighting in the background behind each member. It definitely keeps the viewer on their toes as the scenes keep changing. Sawyer jokingly describes this first-time process of the band creating their own video as "Create problem. Fix problem. Rinse. Repeat." Despite its challenges, he says it was an amazing experience. The band has been collecting professional grade lighting and camera equipment to start making all of the videos in house. As Sawyer states, "Wild Fire is ready to start putting out more content than ever before."

More new music is coming up for Wild Fire. The band plans on releasing a steady flow of singles. There are also live performances scheduled, including August 6th at the Hideaway Den in Mandeville, Louisiana; August 20th at Alabama Music Box in Mobile; and September 24th at The Cannery in Biloxi, Mississippi. Wild Fire can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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