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Throw The Fight Delivers Heavy Hitter With "Snake Mountain"

Minnesota rock band Throw The Fight released a new single, “Snake Mountain”, March 18th, 2022, and fans of this hard rock band who like their heavier side will be pleasantly surprised. This hard-rocking tune has a dark, ominous vibe and the title adds to the venomous theme of the song. Throw The Fight includes Ryan Baustert (guitar/vocals); Kris Weiser (guitar); Kade Kastelitz (vocals/bass); and Jeff Baustert (drums). Musically, “Snake Mountain” was written by all four band members, with Kastelitz writing the lyrics. This song is definitely heavier than the last two singles from 2021, “Wake Up!” and “The Fallout”, and incorporates elements of metalcore with the unclean vocals of Ryan Baustert mixed with the clean vocals of Kastelitz.

The song starts right away with Baustert’s screams, and I knew this was going to be a banger. Then comes the first verse, which showcases Kastelitz’s singing voice which has incredible range. The chorus is fast-paced at first, but slows down a little and features the hard-hitting drumming of Jeff Baustert. The bridge of the song starts out with a catchy guitar riff, followed by more unclean vocals. As for the theme of the song, Kastelitz describes it like this: “ ‘Snake Mountain’ points the finger at people with wealth and power who negatively use their privilege. We repeatedly watch how politicians, athletes, owners of giant corporations, and celebrities mistreat, abuse, and take advantage of other humans. Yet, they seem to get away with it because of the power, money, and people they surround themselves with. We continue to let these types live a self-serving lifestyle. You hear the story of one snake, and as you dig deeper into the hole, more continue to reveal themselves."

The official video for this song is more of a visualizer, lyric video. It was produced by Spencer Olson. It ties together the sinister feeling that this song projects, with images of a serpent slithering throughout, a woman’s praying hands, and a skull. Midway through the video, some pictures of the band are incorporated. The deep purple color scheme of the video adds to the darkness of the video and the song.

Next up for Throw The Fight is an album later this year. Before that, the band will release a few new singles or an EP. Also, the band has several upcoming shows. The list is below

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