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Thousand Years Wide Drops New Single and Video “Yesterday” That Connects Emotionally With Listeners

Thousand Years Wide, a hard rock band from St. Joseph, Missouri, recently dropped a new single called “Yesterday” and a video to accompany it that hits home with a theme of being trapped in a bad situation. The song is off the band’s upcoming album, Audio Therapy, which will be released later this year.

The members of Thousand Years Wide include Trent Holcomb (vocals); Derrick Eggleston (guitar); Bobby Stephenson (bass); Steven Conroy (guitar); and Pat Jonas (drums). Holcomb is the band’s lyric-writer, while the rest of the band members write the musical elements and contribute to some of the lyrics. Holcomb says about his bandmates, “They’re geniuses with music. It’s a true blessing to play with such amazing artists.”

The very beginning of “Yesterday” has a catchy guitar riff and jumps right into an up-tempo beat that gets the listener’s head bobbing right away. The fast pace doesn’t stop, which makes this song a real banger. Holcomb’s vocals are energetic and emotional and have a sense of desperation which reflects the theme of the song.

According to Holcomb, “ ‘Yesterday’ is a song about being trapped in a toxic situation that you can’t get out of”. As much as you want to escape, you can’t because you’re holding onto hope that things will get better. This can be a relationship, a job, or any other situation you can’t quite pull away from, even though, as a key line in the song reminds you, “Nothing’s ever gonna change”.