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Thousand Years Wide Drops New Single and Video “Yesterday” That Connects Emotionally With Listeners

Thousand Years Wide, a hard rock band from St. Joseph, Missouri, recently dropped a new single called “Yesterday” and a video to accompany it that hits home with a theme of being trapped in a bad situation. The song is off the band’s upcoming album, Audio Therapy, which will be released later this year.

The members of Thousand Years Wide include Trent Holcomb (vocals); Derrick Eggleston (guitar); Bobby Stephenson (bass); Steven Conroy (guitar); and Pat Jonas (drums). Holcomb is the band’s lyric-writer, while the rest of the band members write the musical elements and contribute to some of the lyrics. Holcomb says about his bandmates, “They’re geniuses with music. It’s a true blessing to play with such amazing artists.”

The very beginning of “Yesterday” has a catchy guitar riff and jumps right into an up-tempo beat that gets the listener’s head bobbing right away. The fast pace doesn’t stop, which makes this song a real banger. Holcomb’s vocals are energetic and emotional and have a sense of desperation which reflects the theme of the song.

According to Holcomb, “ ‘Yesterday’ is a song about being trapped in a toxic situation that you can’t get out of”. As much as you want to escape, you can’t because you’re holding onto hope that things will get better. This can be a relationship, a job, or any other situation you can’t quite pull away from, even though, as a key line in the song reminds you, “Nothing’s ever gonna change”.

The video for “Yesterday”, which was directed by Andy Rivera of Rivera Studios, depicts the band playing, with Holcomb and a woman both shackled in chains. The chains and the look of despair on their faces represent that feeling of entrapment the song describes.

In a recent conversation with Holcomb, he says Thousand Years Wide is a family-oriented band, and this includes their live shows. He states that the band loves playing shows and meeting their fans. Most recently, Thousand Years Wide traveled to Fort Morgan, Colorado, to play at the Break The Silence Festival for suicide prevention. This festival is very important to the band, and it was their fifth time playing in it.

Thousand Years Wide is looking forward to releasing the Audio Therapy album later this year. It will be the band’s first album since Bedlam in 2021. There will also be more live performances coming up this year. Upcoming shows that have been announced include a hometown show Friday, September 23rd with SoulBliss at CafeAcoustic Concert Hall in St. Joseph, Missouri, and a show with SoulBliss at LaRoche Stadium in Fort Scott, Kansas Saturday, October 29th.

Thousand Years Wide can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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