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RXPTRS (Pronounced 'RAPTORS') is a five-piece unique band from Bristol, UK who blend Rock, Metal, Punk and Hardcore. Consisting of front man and vocalist Simon Roach, Guitarists Harley Watson and Ian Chadderton, bassist Sam Leworthy and drummer Mat Capper. Formed in 2018 they have been going from strength to strength recently getting signed to Metal Blade Records in partnership with Black Light Media. This energetic quintet of long-time friends pushes boundaries and go beyond limiting themselves to a specific sub-genre of the rock and metal world and have created a raw ferocious grit sound that is unmistakably their own.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Simon and discuss all things RXPTRS. He gave me the low down from where it all started to the recently dropped single ‘Rock Bottom (Is A Steppingstone)’. I asked him where the band name comes from, he explained, “I had a book, and we were trying to come up with meaningful names that were sentences such as ‘panic at the disco’ and ‘while she sleeps’ but the names would only work if we stuck to one specific style. So, I was like fuck it what do we all love? Dinosaurs; let’s call ourselves raptors”. At this point they had only two songs and were going to be playing a house party which then went on to be the official music video for ‘Bound’.

The band announced in November that they signed to Metal Blade Records, but Simon adds, “We had to sit on this for almost a year and couldn’t tell anyone, not even friends or family as there were no dates set (for the announcement to be officially made)”. They have been dropping banger after banger which are all completely different styles, but definitely all have the RXPTRS stamp on them. ‘