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Saturate Shows Appreciation For Supporters With New Single "Thank You"

Texas-based rock band Saturate has a message of appreciation for the people who support the band in its newest single, "Thank You". This song includes melodic and heavy rock elements that combine perfectly to hook you into listening to this song on repeat.

Saturate includes Jimmy Miller (vocals), Mike Mexas (guitar), Curtis James (guitar), Hector Porras (bass), and Angel Perez (drums). The band was formed in 2005 by Jimmy, Mike, and Hector. Curtis became a permanent part of the Saturate family when he joined around 2013. The newest member is Angel, and the band is looking forward to playing with him behind the kit.

Songwriting for the band is a group effort. Everyone writes their own parts, with group artistic input. Jimmy Miller writes the lyrics and vocals. He told me "Thank You" was a song that Mike Mexas had worked on, and the final version came to fruition quickly when the lyrics were laid in to reflect the vibe of the music.

The chugging guitars and rhythmic bass line of this song blend into a cohesive unit that serves as a perfect platform for vocalist Miller. His melodic, passionate voice combines clean and hard vocals in a way that touches the listener's soul deeply.

As for the meaning behind this song, Jimmy Miller says, “It is multiple stories woven together, unfolding in different ways as the lyrics push forward.” He states, "It is at its root a letter of gratitude to anyone that ever gave us a helping hand along this wild ride." This is reflected in the chorus:

“Thank you

For taking the time

Out of your life

Just to hold up mine”

The verses describe what it's like to accept that help and put yourself in the hands of others. In the later parts of the song, we are reminded that "it truly is up to us to spread our wings and overcome what keeps us down after we have taken whatever help we can get. That's followed by a promise to never forget the way back and that, although we still aren't where we are supposed to be, we will be fine."

For me, "Thank You" brings to mind an anthem about taking control of your life and doing your own thing your own way, with the help of those friends and family who do support you, despite obstacles and others who want to control you and hold you back. One of the lines that gives me an inspirational vibe is in the first verse: “I think you know I know we need to show the world we’re unbroken – it’s unspoken.”

Saturate is planning on releasing an EP in June or July called Feed The Fire, which will include six tracks. "Thank You" is the second single from that EP, after "Light The Match" which was released in 2021. Jimmy Miller says, "We really couldn't be prouder of the music we've made and are still continuing to make."

The band is also hoping to be able to announce some live performances in the near future. You can follow Saturate on Facebook and Spotify.

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