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NVision’s New Self-Titled EP Hits Home With Powerful Themes and Heavy Musical Elements

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Mississippi’s NVision dropped a seven-song self-titled EP Friday, July 8th, 2022 that is going to turn a lot of heads and possibly shock some listeners with a heavier style than previous releases. It is a combination of hard-hitting musical elements with deep, personal themes that will show the band’s versatility and definitely draw additional followers to the loyal fan base.

NVision includes: Alex Carr (vocals); Nate Churchwell (drums, vocals); Chase Wilson (guitar, vocals) and Phill Collins (bass). The band has a unique style that appeals to fans of various genres, including alternative rock, EMO, and, with this new release, metalcore.

The EP follows the success of recent singles “The End” and “Fake Friends”. The first track released off the EP, “Distress”, is a heavy hitter that is already climbing to the top of various charts and polls, including number two on The Sound 228 "Dirty Thirty".

Most of the lyrics for NVision’s songs are written by Carr, and they are based on his own personal experiences as well as those of his bandmates. For example, the song “Amara” was originally inspired by Wilson’s story of his beloved cat who passed away at a young age. However, this extended into loss of loved ones experienced by other members of the band as well, and becomes easily relatable to listeners who have been through this. Amara, which is a Greek word for everlasting, was Wilson’s cat’s name. Part of the chorus focuses on the theme of letting go but not letting go, which is how many people handle losing someone they love:

“You’ve gone out West

To chase the sunset

You’re stuck in my head

Stay in my head”

The track “Sleepless Reality” tells a story of the demons, anxiety, and overthinking that keep Collins awake at night. Again, it’s something that strikes a chord because so many people deal with this in their own lives. The sleepless nights are described in the chorus:

“Stuck inside my head, the walls are closing in

Looking demons in the eyes, I’m frozen Can never break away, I’m always suffering Through the night, sleepless reality”

The band released a new lyric video for this track to go along with the EP, and it features highlights of their performance at the CPR Festival April 2nd, 2022, which was put on by 97.9 WCPR on the grounds of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi.

“F.Y.E.”, which stands for F—k Your Ego, is a statement against bands and individuals who think they’re better than others. It sends a message that they need to get over themselves and it’s not too late to pull themselves out of this mindset. The recurrent line “Take your medicine” – a dose of humility – is the cure for the problem.

If you are a headbanger, this EP will surely appeal to you with its heavy guitar riffs and hardcore breakdowns. Carr’s emotional vocals showcase his passion for sharing the band’s message of solidarity with those who face depression, anxiety, anger, fear, and thoughts of suicide. Carr says, “This EP is the story of the broken. I don’t think anyone will be able to listen to the whole thing and not take something away from it.” The hope is that the EP will serve as a form of therapy to help listeners get through the hard times.

NVision can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and the bands website.

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