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Kingdom Collapse Making Waves With "Save Me From Myself"

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Texas-based rock band Kingdom Collapse is back with a fantastic new single that not only rocks you to your core, but also touches your heart and soul with a theme that is easily relatable to any listener. “Save Me From Myself” was officially released March 10th, 2022, but was sent in advance to SiriusXM Octane and started spinning March 1st. Octane added it to the regular rotation March 7th and this song is already taking off with multiple requests coming in and high praise from the Octane hosts. Following the success of 2021’s “Unbreakable”, which reached number one on the Octane Big Uns countdown, it seems like a no brainer that “Save Me From Myself” will be a big success. The official music video will be released Monday, March 14th, and will be a contender that evening on The Sound Grudge Match. Kingdom Collapse consists of Jonathan Norris (vocals), David Work (guitar), Aaron Smith (bass), and Elijah Santucci (drums).

According to Norris, who wrote the lyrics and music for this anthem, “Save Me From Myself” is a song “about being in a dark place and reaching out to those around you for help”. I can relate to this so much in my life. I went through some tough times in 2008, but met a wonderful man who saved me then and continues to do so every day since. Honestly, the first time I heard this song I cried, and I still get emotional every time I listen. The lyrics speak to me and I am certain it will do the same for anyone who hears it. As soon as I heard the opening riffs of “Save Me From Myself”, my head started bobbing. I could tell right from the start that this tune was going to be a heavy hitter, and it didn’t disappoint. The bridge features a slower tempo, and an intriguing, almost hollow sound, before picking back up and closing on an emphatic note. The passionate voice of Norris perfectly brings to mind the image of someone who is falling and crying out for someone to save them. Kingdom Collapse is currently on the STILL PANICKING tour with From Ashes To New, Fire From The Gods, Blind Channel, and Above Snakes.

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