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Incognito Theory Single “Gravesland” Hits Home With Theme Of Mortality

New Jersey-based rock band Incognito Theory recently released a new single and video, “Gravesland”. The song will be on the band’s upcoming album, The Brotherhood, which will drop in September. “Gravesland” is a very powerful song, with an overall theme of the certainty of death and mortality that makes you stop and wonder about what the future holds.

Incognito Theory is named after founder/lead singer/lyricist David Incognito. The rest of the band includes:Steve Bloodgood (lead guitar/backing vocals); Jay Brachman (bass/backing vocals); and John Mosco (drums/backing vocals).Incognito Theory has been with Rage Breed Records Global International UK for almost two years.The band self-describes itself as “top shelf whiskey-grooving rock and roll”, and is a crossover hard rock southern groove metal band. Ms. Pepper Gomez, founder of the Wake Up! Music Rocks record label, house artist, poet, and dancer, calls Incognito Theory "New Gen Classic Rockers". She says "they are the best thing to come out of New Jersey since 'The Boss', Bruce Springsteen."

The lyrics for “Gravesland”, like most Incognito Theory songs, were written by Dave Incognito. He says it’s “a song about the inevitable -- we were born from the dirt and one day will return to it; the question is when and how?” The music was written by Incognito’s cousin, drummer and backing vocalist John Mosco, and lead guitarist and backing vocalist Steve Bloodgood. The riffs in this song are so catchy, they get stuck in your head. The guitar solo in the bridge of the song is top-notch. Incognito has a deep, gritty voice that shows emotion and combines great with the heavy guitar elements.

“Gravesland” was recently the video and song of the week on 95.9 WRAT “The Rat” in Belmar, New Jersey. It is also being played on WSOU 89.5 FM Seton Hall University radio.

The concept for the short film video was put together by director, filmmaker, and photographer Marc Petrick, and Christina Delia, Dave Incognito’s girlfriend, who is a horror writer and the band’s head of personnel department.Petrick directed, filmed, and edited the video. It starts out with the band supposedly being late for a shoot, and Petrick trying unsuccessfully to reach them on the phone.He goes looking for them at a graveyard where they were filming a documentary. The main part of the video incorporates the song lyrics and footage from a cemetery, including zombies. At the end of the video, there is a message on the screen that says To Be Continued “It’s Time To Draw The Line” September 2022. That is in reference to another single called “Draw The Line”, which is the second half of “Gravesland” and will drop after the CD release party.

Mixing and mastering for all 11 songs on The Brotherhood album will be done in August, and the album will officially be released in September. The party will be held September 16th at QXTs in Newark, NJ. That is also Dave Incognito’s birthday weekend, so there will be even more to celebrate. There is a special guest band scheduled to play at the party, the premier 80s cover band Rock Kandy.

Incognito Theory can be found on Facebook and the band's website.

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