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Episode 1. The Scare Factor

As we got ready for our very first episode, we had what you can call the jitters. We were not exactly sure how we were going to make it all work. We had an idea, but had no clue if it was going to work. I wanted to do the show based around the history of local music on the gulf coast. I wanted to let people know, that before you could understand the present, and know where the future was going. You had to understand the past. So we made an open call to any musicians that had been in bands past to come on in, and be a part of episode 1. The call worked. We had some amazing people stop in, and be a part of the show. Silent trust was our in studio guests. They played some acoustic songs live in the studio, and because of the performance they were invited to play the Covey Awards by Cheli Strumila. Chris Noble (Jane Does Dead) explained his story of Jane Does Dead dealing with Beiler Brothers Records, and shared a ton of stories of his experiences of the music scene. Scott Keller (Project Nine) joined us to chat about his time on the scene, and the great bands that he has been a part of. Leaundria Swetman joined us as well, to talk about her song she wrote to raise money for her friend that was diagnosed with cancer. Dimitri Curtis from Frets for Pets gave us an update on his benefit. Mike Dunnaway (Castortroy and Midnite Love) joined us, and spoke about his traveling in the music scene as well as our stories of traveling to Memphis (Look what you did you little jerk). It was such a fun episode to relive some of the fun moments of the music scene here on the gulf coat. Here it is to relive a little bit of it. I hope you enjoy it, and remember it was episode 1.

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