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Doug Westcott Brings Unique Perspective To Songwriting

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

I recently had the opportunity to speak with singer/musician/songwriter Doug Westcott about his music and what’s coming up for him this year. But first, a little background on him. Westcott, a Live Looping Solo Artist from Texas, has been writing songs since he was 12 years old when he received his first guitar, and formed a band when he weas 13. A self-taught musician, Westcott played in a variety of bands in high school, including punk, rock, and alternative. Westcott found his true love when he discovered the loop pedal. According to a quote from Westcott’s website, ”I remember the exact moment I knew that I had to have a loop pedal. I saw a video of Ed Sheeran when he first came out in the US, performing ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ using the loop. I was blown away; instantly hooked! I knew, in that moment, this was something I had to do.” For those who don't know much about the loop pedal, here is how Westcott describes it. "The way that I use a loop pedal is I'll play a riff on the guitar and record it onto the pedal where it then repeats itself on a 'loop', then I'll add a bass line, a drum beat (by banging on my guitar) and vocal harmonies to create the sound of a one-man band."

Westcott talks with such passion about the writing of lyrics, it’s easy to see how important this is to him. “I want to write lyrics that make you feel something – that will change your perspective.” His music combines elements of rock, pop, acoustic, soul, hip hop and R&B, and it appeals to all age ranges. It’s definitely unique and worth checking out. Westcott shared with me that he has written 22 songs since August 2021, and he will be releasing one each month until December. Recently, he began collaborating with Grammy-nominated producer Stephen Bogle, and there will be new music coming from that collaboration. He is also working with producers Chubbs Malone, Josh Walker, Alec Durand, and Bhauraw Avhad. I must say that I really get a great vibe from Westcott's songs. His lyrics are relatable and the music is catchy. His most recent single, “What It’d Be Like,” is a romantic tune that pulls the listener into a dream about a love interest who is out of reach. The song “Dreaming”, simply put, just makes me happy. It’s about peace and love, with an ending that focuses on the power of music in creating that positive energy. Westcott's music is very creative and interesting. No two songs are alike, which makes me want to hear more. I’m going to keep listening to the songs currently in his catalog, and I also look forward to new music coming from this talented gentleman. Westcott, who just performed at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, TX, has several upcoming performances. A graphic with the list is under this story.

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