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Coheed and Cambria Rock Richmond!

Coheed and Cambria, Sheer Mag

The National Theater, Richmond, VA

By Lisa Wills

'The Great Destroyer Tour' from progressive rockers Coheed and Cambria descended on The National Theater this past Saturday, March 5th. The 1,500-capacity legendary historic Richmond, VA venue was sold out and I was lucky enough to score a VIP ticket on the pre-sale! There are two VIP options for this tour, MAGE or PRISE, and my MAGE ticket included early entry, early merch access, band question/answer session, group photo, acoustic performance and signed lanyard. It was reasonably priced and worth every cent.

Travis Stever, Claudio Sanchez, Zach Cooper and Josh Eppard strolled to the front of the tour backdrop and their liaison, Ernie, introduced himself and began taking questions from the crowd via mic. There was ample time given to all who raised a hand and the band responded in kind, providing thoughtful responses over the twenty minute period. Sanchez even took part in a proposal after a fan asked him to speak the first sentence of the chorus to 'The Suffering' as he dropped to a single knee and produced a ring...she said yes! Once the questions were done we took photos with the band in small groups, the PRISE VIP's were admitted for early entrance/merch and we stood a short time for the band to return for their acoustic performance, 'Love Gun' by KISS. Once it ended the doors to the public opened and we waited an hour for the show to begin.