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CANDLEBOX Is Focus Of New Feature-Length Documentary 'Far Behind: The Candlebox Story'

Warner Music Entertainment (WME), the television and film division of Warner Music Group, has partnered with Highway West Entertainment on a forthcoming new feature-length documentary, "Far Behind: The Candlebox Story". The film will explore the beginnings of what the world would come to know as the grunge scene, following the iconic band CANDLEBOX on their rise to fame.

Guy Oseary, manager of legendary artists such as U2, Madonna and the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, will serve as executive producer on the project, along with Jack Piatt, director/producer and founder of Highway West Entertainment, who initiated the collaboration with CANDLEBOX frontman Kevin Martin.

Martin said: ""The story of CANDLEBOX is one that's long overdue for a telling, and I cannot wait to share this documentary with the world — no holds barred, honest, painful, and as real as it gets. Ours is the story of an unknown band of young men who took the world by storm on their very first voyage, only to lose their way in an unforgiving ocean of bad decisions and disagreements over who would captain the ship. Though I've kept the CANDLEBOX name alive in the years since the original lineup split at the turn of the millennium — continuing to release relevant music and perform for legions of fans with the help of some of the most talented musicians around — there was magic between us four original guys. And now that we're touring together for the 30th anniversary, CANDLEBOX is a story of redemption as well."

Oseary added: "At 20 years old, I signed CANDLEBOX to Maverick Records. Their debut album sold more than four million copies, which gave me a spectacular start to my journey in the music business. For that I will always be indebted to them."

Piatt added: "I was in high school when the early '90s Seattle sound made its way to rural Ohio, and it left a huge impression on my life musically. CANDLEBOX plays a key role in this historic legacy. This is an important story for a lot of people, and I'm honored to have the opportunity to tell it."