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Bury The Darkness New Song And Video "Suffocate" Is An Anthem About Being Strong Despite Challenges

Bury The Darkness, a four-member metal band from Tempe, Arizona, has released a new single and video, "Suffocate". This song is an absolute banger and will resonate with listeners who feel like they are "suffocating" with challenges in their own lives.

The Bury The Darkness lineup includes Jared Harper (vocals); Marc Rosenfeld (guitar); Brandon Brantley (bass); and Devin Bowers (drums). The band has been together since 2019 when they started writing music, and released their first song in June 2020. It was definitely a challenge during the pandemic, but the band persevered.

An interesting fact about the band is that they all went to the same high school, but didn't actually hang out with each other. Brantley and Harper met in elementary school but didn't reconnect until junior year. Rosenfeld had a music theory class with Harper but never jammed with him. At the time Rosenfeld was in another band, but he knew Harper liked metal music. Rosenfeld and Bowers hung out a couple times in high school, and Bowers joined the band after running into Rosenfeld at an Underoath show.