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Breathing Theory Releases Powerful New Single "Beautiful Disaster"

When I first heard the new single "Beautiful Disaster" by Florida-based hard rock band Breathing Theory, it touched my heart and soul. From the opening lines which feature just the emotional singing of front man Cory Britt, I knew that this was a tune I would need to listen to over and over again. Sure enough, the song goes on and gets more intense, and draws you into the haunting story. Breathing Theory released "Beautiful Disaster" April 21st, 2022, via Pepper Gomez's WakeUp! Music Rocks label, and already this song has been added to various radio station playlists and appears to be headed for the charts. In addition to Britt, the other band members include: Collin Morrison (guitar, backing vocals); Kegan King (drums); Rob Mahoney (guitar); and Preston Daniel (bass).

According to Britt, the initial idea for "Beautiful Disaster" started with Morrison and Britt together in the studio. Britt immediately got the chorus inspiration from Morrison's guitar melody. They then took the song to their producer, Sahaj Ticotin. He added more elements and worked with Britt on vocal melodies for the song, and Britt wrote the lyrics for this amazing work of art. After the initial quiet opening, the song gets harder. Britt's vocal range fits perfectly with the heavy guitar riffs, throbbing bass, and pounding drums. The overall tone of the music is dark and haunting, which ties in perfectly with the theme of the song. Britt describes the thought process behind the story of "Beautiful. Disaster". "The idea behind the song was a vision of an A.I. [artificial intelligent] woman, or humanoid, powering on and developing its own sense of being and consciousness while hauntingly coming to question her existence and what she is." Ultimately, she transforms into a dark, almost evil computer being. The second verse sums up the nature of this humanoid:

"Underneath the light I saw right through your dark disguise

Staring in your eyes I saw the cause of your demise . . . There's a mystery that I've never known Calling out to me like a siren's song

But your design isn't right without a soul"

The breathtaking lyric video for "Beautiful Disaster" was designed by Melody Myers and is a perfect reflection of this song. Next up musically for Breathing Theory is another single, and hopefully an album later this year. The band will also soon be announcing some upcoming shows and tour plans. Make sure to check out Breathing Theory on Facebook.

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