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Blacktop Mojo at The Cannery

It's no big secret that here at The Sound we love rock music. Hell our slogan is "We Are New Rock." We are always looking for new bands on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, etc. One of the bands that hit our radar hard is Blacktop Mojo. There latest single "Wicked Women" is one that we have in heavy rotation on The Sound 228 radio app. These guys are out of Palestine, Texas and they know how to put on a show. This is a band we have wanted to book for awhile now and Thursday September 30, 2021 we were able to make it happen at The Cannery in Woolmarket. And for this show we didn't want to take any chances on live sound, so we brought out the big guns with Jay Eagle Audio.

The show opened up with the band Love The Hate out of Mobile, Alabama. These guys are a great band with some killer songs. Their latest single "Solid Ground" has done very well, reaching number five on the secondary market rock chart. They definitely set the tone for the night. If you haven't listened to them yet, I highly recommend you do.

Next up was Blacktop Mojo. As we were scanning tickets at the door, I took it upon myself to ask people how they heard about the show. There were a lot of people wearing Blacktop Mojo merch. Most of them told me they have been fans of Blacktop Mojo for a while now. Some heard them on YouTube playlists, while others had friends turn them on to them.

My point is this: they had some hard core fans come out for this show. The kind of fans that knew all of the words to their songs. They proceeded to put on an amazing show with triple part harmonies, face melting leads, and a spot on rhythm section. Matt's voice is something any music fans needs to hear live. I have a funny feeling this isn't going to be the last time they play on the gulf coast!

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