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Band of the Week (XSKULL8) 7.27.21

XSKULL8 (formerly known as Captain Morgan’s Revenge) are here to bring powerful music to your ears. Forged from heavy post-grunge riffs with a modern taste, their music is here to present to you their own heavier version of Rock’n’Roll.

CMR band started as a trio from Novo mesto, Slovenia. A few months after the first song was released, bassist Nejc Godec joined the band and on the 4th of December 2015, the band officially went public with their first show. In 2017 they released their third single “Same Fools”, created a music video for it, and recorded a home-made demo EP for promotional purposes. Soon after that, they had to say goodbye to Alex… Sigi joined CMR bringing with him some fresh bluesy vibes to their recordings. In 2018 CMR released a music video for their first »soft« song titled “Say You’ll Be Mine” just to tease the crowd and on May 18th, released a Full length »live video« debut album titled Queen Of The Night. The band played at almost all the main venues in Slovenia and had some great gigs in Europe. In 2019 Sigi had to quit the band and a true maniac on a guitar – Johnny joined CMR. The first single with Johnny on guitar (My Worst Enemy) was released on the 26th of April 2019 and not long after that, they welcomed a badass drummer Klemen Krajnc to the band.

After the encounter with some minor issues around the band’s name, Captain Morgan’s Revenge renamed themselves into freshly sounding XSKULL8. Under this new flag, they released their first single “Engine of Doom” on 25th of April 2020. In October came “Little Miss Perfect”, in January 2021 lyrics video for “Your Final Act” and in May, video for a song “Leaves Are Falling”.

On 4th of June 2021 Xskull8 released their first album “From Sin To Sinners”

You can check out their new single on The Sound 228. Stream the station at

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