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Band of the Week (Transient) 5.18.21

Formed in 2020, New Orleans heavy rock/metal band TRANSIENT wasted no time and quickly went into the studio with Jonathan Dolese at KonKrete Studios in Kenner, Louisiana. Their critically acclaimed debut single “Nightmare” was released in October 2020 via Dreambound, was featured on Metal Injection, and got rotation on SiriusXM Octane. In December 2020, the band’s follow-up single “This Heart” was premiered exclusively on Metal Injection.

Led by guitarist Jody Linnell, who is the former bassist of Smile Empty Soul and 12 Stones, the band is rounded out by vocalist Trey J. Mollo, guitarist Emmett Shumate, and drummer Phil Krohn. Originally the project was a solo endeavor, but after about a year Linnell recruited good friends from his regional area to complete the lineup.

With touring on their horizon, TRANSIENT is gearing up for the upcoming release of their EP this summer by releasing their new single “GOODBYE” and its simplistic yet engaging music video.

"This song is a story about a girl who was a dear friend of mine. She was loved by many people, but her true colors were pretty bleak. While we were tracking the song, I thought about how everyone has dealt with this scenario in some shape or form and that we learn and grow from those experiences." - Trey J. Mollo, vocalist

"This track was really fun to write. The only thing we had in mind was dipping back into our old school nu metal influences and creating something that would explode in a live situation. Hope everyone digs it!" - Jody Linnell, guitarist

You can catch Transient at The Summer Throwdown II with The Sound 228 June 5, 2021 at The Juke Joint!

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