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Band Of The Week (The Silencing Machine) 3.16.21

The Silencing Machine is the brainchild of adopted brothers Max Linstedt and Jeremiah Ray. Originally formed in 2016, they immediately set to work writing and discovering a sonic identity for their project. Max and Jeremiah's relationship goes back 23 years to when they met in 7th grade. Upon Jeremiah acquiring a bass they began playing together. Max would serve as both a teacher, friend, brother and sonic exploration partner from that point on.

After a prolonged separation in their 20's in which they would play with other notable bands, they came back together to pick up where they had left off. Drawing from their shared love of bands like Mastodon, At The Gates, Trivium, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and In Flames, they began to craft their sound. Over time, other elements were added: bits of jazz, some industrial and elements of power metal, this helped create a dynamic musical style with a heart of classi