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Band of the Week (Planet Gears) 10.19.21

Planet Gears was formed by Eric Holley and Jeff Fallon in July of 2019 but that isn't where the story begins. Eric and Jeff met in 2004 while in High School. After short conversation they discovered they were both young aspiring drummers with mutual interests in similar bands and music. The two began playing drums together after school and on weekends. Eric, Jeff, and life long friend Garrett Roberts decided to form a band in early 2005. With Garrett already a seasoned guitarist, the question arose as to who would be on drums. Eric's mom had always made him sing in church as a kid and though he had no desire to do it, he stepped to the mic to give it a try. Though life took the 3 down different paths, Jeff continued to improve on drums and Eric focused more on vocals and guitar.

Jeff reached out to Eric in December 2009 about playing music together again. The two reconnected and defined themselves together and built a musical chemistry like no other. They both moved out of state for work and to focus on other responsibilities in 2014. After a 5 year hiatus from music, Jeff approached Eric again in July of 2019 about playing together again while both were living in Houston Texas. Planet Gears was formed and the dream was stronger than ever. Planet Gears recorded their debut EP "Hold Your Fire" in December of 2019. Planet Gears first show was November 7th 2020 at the 19th Hole in Spring TX where they met bassist Freddy Garza. Freddy was at the time playing in 2 bands (4skull soup & Westfield). After gigging together at a few different venues, conversation began about Freddy playing a few shows with Planet Gears. One thing led to another and after only one practice, FG joined as the third member and bassist of Planet Gears in January of 2021. And here we go.................. ​ "This gives us time to reflect. Recollect and start again"

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