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Band Of The Week (Lotus Crush) 4.27.20

The revolution of Rock n’ Roll has led musicians down a number of respective paths over the last few decades, but only some have found a way to evoke feelings of nostalgia while creating original music in modern day.

Under the name Lotus Crush, a driven group of experienced musicians are rattling the indie rock scene with their full-bodied instrumentals and melodic, yet powerfully evocative lyrics. Their sound is heavily influenced by the traditional elements of ground-breaking artists coming from the Pacific Northwest. Following the success of their second album from 2015, Lotus Crush is proud to announce the release of their latest single, “Moment Won’t Last” (4.30.2021)

The Scottish-born singer, Terry McDermott, is no stranger to the stage. He gained national attention after earning the runner-up title on Season 3 of ABC’s The Voice in 2012. Prior to his appearance on The Voice, McDermott was singing in the Aberdeen based band, Driveblind, signed with Geffen Records. While on a U.S. tour with Driveblind in 2006, McDermott met Peter Klett, the founding member and lead guitarist of the multi-platinum rock group, Candlebox. Years later in 2009, the two reconnected to form Lotus Crush, and recruited Scott Mercado, who was also a former member of Candlebox, MIGGS band member John Luzzi, and Second Coming band bassist Johnny Bacolas.

Over the last ten years, the band has circulated two albums and one single. Their first album, “Half Light Morning” came out via Fontana Distribution in March 2011. A month later, they performed at SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX. During the summer of 2014, Lotus Crush was signed to an independent record label based in Seattle called Cavigold Records. The release of their second album “Rabbit Hole” via Cavigold in March 2015 was premiered on Rolling Stones, along with the album’s first single, “Hearts and Minds” being released in January 2015 that included a music video with notable cast features.

McDermott admits that the rock group’s newest single, “Moments Won’t Last” was originally written a few years ago during a time of uncertainty. While one of his loved ones was sick due to a rare illness, feelings of helplessness and frustration fueled his writing. He also mentioned feeling a sense of hope that the heartache will end soon, and he wanted that to be the important message within the song. As his loved one recovered, McDermott’s worries were set aside, along with the song. After a couple years go by and a global pandemic ceases the live entertainment industry, McDermott finds himself in a familiar spot. “Now during these truly unprecedented times we’re living in, the message of the song seems even more fitting; that this isn’t forever, the suffering will end and the eventually things will change.”

As chaos subsides and music venues begin to slowly re-open, Lotus Crush hopes to find more success through booking live shows and touring.

"After hearing the song with its melodic flow, and crisp harmonies there is no doubt that Lotus Crush has a power house ballad here. Can't wait to see the song climb"

Kevin "Special K" Harris

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