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Band of the Week (Carbonstone) 8.3.21

“Heavy guitar riffs cut deep while soaring over thunderous electronic drum beats. Distorted bass guitars lock in the low end while catchy vocal hooks lead the bands full on audio assault to listeners ears. The music is honest, and while staying honest it manages to maintain it's heavier roots. The bands sound still goes hand in hand with major radio station marketability.

Since the bands inception they have released a substantial musical catalog, partaken in numerous radio interviews and have shared stages with such acts as Starset, Gemini Syndrome, Drowning Pool, Filter, Adema, Smile Empty Soul, Tantric, Soilwork, Psychostik and many more.”

"AM Trauma" Single Review

The track starts with an upbeat riff that blasts right into a supersonic Industrial/Metal sound. The first verse drives forward with an almost Alternative Rock style vocals before heading into the hard hitting chorus and instrumentation. The bridge features a tremendous build and subsequent circle pit like intensity before the chorus kicks back in to close things out.


Carbonstone cranks their signature sound to 11 via their newest single.

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