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All Depraved Spreads Anti-Bullying Message in "Don't Care What's Wrong Or Right"

The Austrian metalcore band All Depraved has a message to share about anti-bullying in its latest release, the heavy-hitting anthem "Don't Care What's Wrong Or Right". This song, while rocking the listener to the core, is also thought-provoking and important in this day and age. All Depraved was originally formed by Thomas Egger (vocals, guitar), and later he was joined by his brother, Christian Egger (backing vocals, guitar). Rounding out the band lineup are Kevin Neuwirth (bass) and Johannes Lerchbaumer (drums). According to the band's bio, the Egger brothers are both "metalheads, living on a farm in the Austrian Alps, bashin' their guitars and vocal cords from dusk until dawn. Their music -- loaded with killer riffs, thundering drums, and lyrics from the abyss of their souls."

"Don't Care What's Wrong Or Right" was written by the Egger brothers, and produced at Novum Audio Studio by Robert Roko Scherwitzl and Jürgen Kulmesch. The song was written based on the current state of the world we live in,