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Take The Name New Single "Low" Appeals To A Variety Of Listeners

Hard rock band Take The Name, from my hometown of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, dropped a new banger called "Low" April 29th, 2022, and this is a song that had me hooked right away. This track will appeal to varied listeners on multiple levels due to the heavy-hitting music and the relatable theme, and it will be added to many playlists.

Take the Name includes Tyler Kern (vocals); Keith Gensure (drums); Nick Metz (bass); and Josh Mercado (guitar). Kern is the only original member of the band, which had a different name at first. "Take The Name" was a somewhat sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek choice after the band was informed that its previous name was too similar to another band's.

One of the best things about Take The Name is that this band is a combination of various genres of hard rock and metal. There are elements of EMO, punk, metalcore, and the combination of hardcore and EMO, EMOcore, in the band's music. To me, "Low" has an EMOcore vibe for sure. Kern shared with me that he and Gensure write the lyrics for the band’s songs, and the two combine with Metz on writing the music "Low" was mixed and mastered with Justin Mitchell at King Studios in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

"Low" starts out with a catchy little intro that was created with a synth over a guitar on a clear channel. Kern jokes that it kind of sounds like "elevator music". I love it. Then the song picks right up with the heavy guitar riffs and thundering drums. The more I listen to this tune, the harder the breakdown hits. Kern has a strong, powerful singing voice, and his hard vocals really portray the emotion of the song.

According to Kern, "Low" is a song about "relying on a substance to cope with what you're going through and feeling that it's the only way you can make it through anymore." This song is very relatable to anyone dealing with depression, mental health issues, and addiction and who might be questioning how to break free from the pattern, as portrayed in this line from the second verse:

"I wanna know, wanna know, wanna know am I ever gonna find another way to spend the day I can't seem to shake how I'm feeling".

The official video for "Low" was filmed by Dani Marshall April 30th, 2022, at Artie's Bar and Grill in Frenchtown, New Jersey, when Take The Name opened for Escape The Fate and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. The final video product was put together by Keith Gensure, and it was well done. It really shows the energy that Take The Name brings to its live performances.

Take The Name will have more new music coming this year. Also, the band is looking to book shows this summer. You can find Take The Name on Facebook, YouTube, LinkTree.

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