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Russian Metalcore Band Eleanore Begin Tells A Story With Latest Album From Hell With Love

Russian metalcore band Eleanore Begin released its latest album, From Hell With Love, March 24th, 2022. and every song on this album is part of a very intriguing story of betrayal, love, and loss.

Eleanore Begin is an aspiring band from the Russian city of Voronezh, in the southern part of the country, around 600 kilometers south of Moscow. The band is 10 years old this year. The only original member is band leader and vocalist Pavel Ermolenko, who also does keyboard programming and writes lyrics and most of the music. Other band members include: Alexey Shatokhin (bass guitar, also some public relations and management duties); Sergey Shmykov (drums); Alexey Popov (guitar); and Dmitriy Uvarov (guitar).

The band has played a lot of live shows across their country and has also released a number of singles. This album is their second, and they took a more serious approach on this one and turned to a heavier sound. The album was self-recorded and produced. Mixing and mastering was done remotely with a sound engineer, but the rest was done by the band. Musically, this album has just about everything you can imagine -- intense guitar riffs, rhythmic bass line, and pounding drums, along with keyboards and some electronic elements. Ermolenko's dark, powerful hard vocals and melodic singing complement each other perfectly.

The story behind From Hell With Love is long, but I think it's worth sharing. Also, I don't think I could tell it any better than the band itself. So here it is, paraphrasing Alexey Shatokhin. "This is a continuation of the concept we have in our debut album, where the Earth faced the apocalypse when Heavens decided to purge the world. In this album, our hero makes a deal with the Devil by offering a virgin sacrifice to get the army to destroy Heavens. But the Devil, just as it would be expected, betrays him and the hero falls down to Hell. He tries to escape from Hell and get revenge. Fighting through the whole Hell filled with demons, he finds the girl who he used as a sacrifice. She is now dead and cursed. The hero spills his own blood to save the girl and resurrects her, falling in love with her. But she becomes a witch, even though she has not realized it yet. They're now traveling together, but at one point village people notice that she's a witch and decide to burn her. This doesn't go as planned, though, and she just gets much stronger and wipes out the whole area. Going through the ruins, our hero realizes that everything is wrong, only destruction follows him, and he has not succeeded in his revenge. And this turns him into a werewolf and he runs away to avoid hurting her." Though the overall tone of the album is surely dark and sinister, there is also a romanticism in it. To me, ultimately it is a story of star-crossed lovers.

I want to highlight some of the songs on the album that stood out to me. In "Lost", the hero realizes he made a mistake in sacrificing the virgin and that he is lost without her. The chorus shows his emotions:

"I'm lost at the city of demons,

While trying to show you my own feelings. I know you will never believe me and you will reject me while you breathe" "Inferno" describes the hero’s descent into Hell. Ironically, this song begins with the chimes of church bells. In the opening lines of the track, the hero realizes the Devil betrayed him:

"The hands of the clock frozen at 3:00…

I realized that was a bad sign Suddenly the room got filled with cold fog I heard a voice ask me to follow it" In "The Legend We Need To Know", it seems like a turning point for our hero. He realizes he needs to change things up in order to save the virgin. He pleads with her to:

"Jump out of bed

and take my hand open your eyes and see that a new day has come as a new chapter of our story"

Ultimately, in the track “Falling Apart”, things do not end well for the hero and the virgin. The hero realizes that he can't be with the virgin because of the destruction that follows him. He admits:

"I have to be alone now

I hate it but I have to let you go We lost so much, it's time to stop and I’m going under going under" I really enjoyed this album as I listened to it multiple times for this review. The heaviness of the music and clean vocals of Ermolenko combine perfectly. I also was fascinated as I followed the progression of the story behind the album Eleanore Begin is planning on filming two music videos for songs from the album and will also be performing the album at upcoming live shows. The band can be found on Facebook

and YouTube.

BAND Pavel Ermolenko (Vocals, Keyboard Programming) Alexey Shatokhin (bass, public relations and management) Sergey Shmykov (drums) Alexey Popov (guitar) Dmitriy Uvarov (guitar) FROM HELL WITH LOVE TRACK LISTING Call Of Darkness (Intro) Lost Downfall Inferno Deal With The Devil Blood For The Beast Kiss Of The Damned The Legend We Need To Know From Hell With Love Resurrection The Witch Falling Apart Werewolf

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