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Midnight Fracture Debut Single “I’m Fine” Tells A Personal Story

Midnight Fracture, a one-man solo metal and hard rock project from Mobile, Alabama, recently dropped a debut single, “I’m Fine”. This track is a banger, and tells a personal story that will resonate with listeners.

The man behind Midnight Fracture is Leon Craft. Most recently, he was the bass player for Love The Hate. Craft recently was interviewed by Jared Seymour and Kevin Harris on The Sound 228 and also was gracious enough to answer some questions I had for this review.

When asked who is in Midnight Fracture, Craft joked, “Me, Myself, and I and Logic Pros Midi Drums”. He worked with producer Charlie Hadley, and can't say enough good things about him. Craft appreciates that Hadley never told him WHAT to sing. Instead, he would contribute idea