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Got Merch?!

Take your merch to the next level with Fresh Baked Tees! Based out of Waco, Texas, this

unparalleled company offers services like no other! From band merch, promotion, to onsite

mobile printing! With hundreds of great quality customizable products to choose from, the

possibilities are endless! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! Jack Shrader of Fresh Baked Tees is incredible to work with. “I’m all about trying to truly help my clients in innovative ways,” he states.

“It all started by wanting to give up and coming bands a professional merch store,” explains Jack. “The bands I work with get a chance to be heard.” Their innovative services even have the unique Fresh Baked Trailer available. “It’s a one of a kind 30 ft self-contained trailer of

awesomeness.” It includes the capability to print large capacities of shirts- 300 or more per hour, rooftop stage, and fold down patio. This versatile service will set your band apart-giving you that sleek upper edge.

If you’re looking to set up your merch store, or any of these other awesome services Fresh Baked Tees is your place! 5 out of 5-star rating! Great pricing, high quality, fast-shipping, and professional customer service. Check them out on social media, and head on over to for more info!

Get Your The Sound 228 Merch from Fresh Baked Tees Here

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